ARender 3.1.7 - Changelog

This page contains all the features and bugfixes for the 3.1.7 release version :

Category Type Id Description Version
Rendition Bugfix 5980 Mail: a PDF attachment is not render correctly 3.1.7
XFDF Annotations Bugfix 6557 Wrong annotation positions in PDF export of TIFF 3.1.7
HMI Bugfix 7049 Confidental customer document can't be read with REST communication 3.1.7
HMI Bugfix 7878 Weather polling thread is not stopped when ARender application is undeployed 3.1.7
Rendition Bugfix 7924 Wrapper should restart when it detects a ping timeout between java application and wrapper 3.1.7
HMI New feature 8223 Open ARender in the bookmark tab. 3.1.7
Rendition Bugfix 9227 Arondor common mime needs to be tagged and version upped in order to correct text files detected as '>' mime type 3.1.7
Rendition Bugfix 9415 Download with FDF annotations : cloudy border of polygon annotation not exported 3.1.7
HMI Annotation New feature 9418 Allow to remove background color from annotations 3.1.7
Bugfix 9707 P8 annotations containing '&' characters fail to be converted properly to XFDF 3.1.7
FileNet Bugfix 9730 Filenet: annotation can not be saved when using MergerFileNetURLParser (multi jpeg files merged) 3.1.7
Rendition New feature 9773 Support of pptm docm xlsm formats 3.1.7
HMI New feature 9796 Correct mime type detection of the incorrect html file starting with <BASE HREF 3.1.7
New feature 9797 Backport exposure of NamedDestinations from branch 3.2 and implement it rendition side 3.1.7
HMI Annotation New feature 9802 Support and restitute visual information into ARender from FDF imported files. 3.1.7
HMI Annotation New feature 9806 PDF Document hyperlinks - add full support to the color as specified in the hyperlink contained in the file. (Border, full background, none) 3.1.7
HMI Annotation Bugfix 9829 Post-IT disappears when newline 3.1.7
HMI Annotation New feature 9890 Do not load Annotations until annotationCreationPolicy has been received. 3.1.7
FileNet Bugfix 9892 arender-server-custom-integration.xml is not imported in Filenet arender.xml 3.1.7
HMI Annotation Bugfix 9896 Under slow TopPanel loading times, annotation Creation policy can arrive too early and is not being replayed 3.1.7
HMI Bugfix 9901 Fix gray pages by changing the reloading method of ARender pages, cleanup correctly the memory 3.1.7
HMI Annotation Bugfix 9933 IE<11 Pressing Del key to delete annotation isn't possible without right click or manual focus on doc page after creating an annotation 3.1.7
INI Annotations Bugfix 9950 IE + Richtext of sticky note : bold style not saved 3.1.7
FileNet Bugfix 9951 IE10 + iframe + sticky note : newlines disappear after resizing 3.1.7
HMI Annotation Bugfix 9952 IE10 + iframe + sticky note : style disappears by removing the default initial selection 3.1.7
INI Annotations Bugfix 9958 INI annotation : error in logs when parsing a note 3.1.7
Rendition Bugfix 10006 Aroms2pdf can get stuck on openFile on password protected documents 3.1.7
HMI Bugfix 10050 Issue with encoding of characters, not UTF-8 compliant 3.1.7
HMI Annotation Bugfix 10054 Export polygone border can't be 0px 3.1.7
HMI Annotation Bugfix 10080 Download with annotations : Error with stamps when no background color 3.1.7
Rendition New feature 10084 Support of dotx dotm potx potm xltx xltm 3.1.7